Every golfer knows that many of the finest golf courses in the world are located right here in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Every year Fisher & Son Company provides services to hundreds of golf courses in their efforts to maintain pristine conditions for their golfing clients. Our team is well known within the golf turf community for our technical support, outstanding logistical service and the best product offering in the industry. We will help you get tournament ready!

ReGenerate – Advanced Plant & Soil Solutions Exclusively from Fisher & Son

ReGenerate Fertilizers were developed specifically for the turf and horticulture markets, utilizing innovative formulating and ingredients which offer the greatest plant availability. We employ cutting edge amino acid technology for chelation and complexing to ensure efficient nutrient management. Finally, we build products with an eye on today’s budgets, providing a real value for the professional. ReGenerate Fertilizers – offering real solutions to todays turf and horticultural challenges.

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EarthWorks – Natural Organic Products. Celebrating 25 years.

EarthWorks is a manufacturer of a complete, professional line of Natural Organic Fertilizers, Liquid Organic Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners and Bio-Stimulants. Our products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the golf course and sports turf industries. We are dedicated to formulating the most agronomically complete and biologically active products available.

EarthWorks was founded on the basic principles of the ecological systems approach to soil and plant management. Our mission is to promote those principles through our educational programs and support the approach by consulting, soil testing and providing our own bio-diverse products through nationwide distribution.

Earthworks builds products and programs that help our clients reduce inputs, provide a better product for their clients and promote an ecological systems approach to soil and plant management. EarthWorks will always look for innovative technologies and concepts to continually produce the highest quality, biologically active products available. Fertility products will always be the focal point of the company, but we are exploring new areas such pest control programs that will be both effective and more environmentally sound.

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Syngenta – Savings That Keep Going

With a portfolio of staple turfgrass and ornamental products like Heritage, Daconil, Velista, Banner Maxx, Acelepryn, Primo Maxx, and many more, Syngenta has established itself as a tried and true manufacturer and resource for the golf course industry. Read More to learn about Ascernity.

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Bayer- Innovative Products. Incredible Savings.

Bayer has the fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and growth regulator solutions you need to keep your turf healthy and strong. With many industry-standard brand names like 26GT, Banol, Bayleton, Mirage Stressgard, Signature Extra, Specticle, Merit, Proxy, and more, Bayer delivers with the highest quality in mind. Read More to learn about Stressgard Technology.

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Solutions to keep your course looking its best…

Waterways are sensitive sites, so extra care should be taken when choosing products to diminish the presence of undesirable vegetation.

Our technical team can guide you to the right products for your situation.

In addition to carrying the leading brands of fertilizers, grass seed and plant protectants; FSC also carries quality spreaders, sprayers, injectors, safety equipment, measuring cups and Golf Course accessories.

The term "quality fertilizer" can mean different things to different people. The components of the fertilizer, the slow release nitrogen technology, the particle sizing, formulation, buffering agents and the cleanliness of the final product are all critical in determining the value of any fertilizer. Fisher & Son Company stocks the best brands in the marketplace. The quality is always the first priority.



FSC represents a complete line of fungicides from every major chemical manufacturer supporting the Green Industry.

There are a few seed companies in our industry that always lead the field in research and development, bringing us the best new varieties with enhanced disease and insect resistance; better drought and heat tolerance; and of course, better leaf texture and color.

The use of growth regulators for turf, trees and herbaceous plants has grown dramatically, and the value they provide goes well beyond their chemical pruning capabilities.

Choosing the right herbicide for a site can be difficult. Let our experts help you make the right choice.

FSC's extensive line of herbicides provides a solution to all of your weed control challenges.

From the latest biologicals to the reliable standards, Fisher & Son has the insecticide to solve your most difficult pest problem.

FSC is a direct distributor for all the top manufacturers in the Green Industry.

Soil Management product options have improved dramatically over recent years. The advent of soil treatment chemistries to manage localized dry spot, black layer and soil drainage issues have been extremely beneficial to golf turf managers. FSC represent the leading manufacturers of wetting agents and soil treatments as well as a wide array of topdressings, single source nutrients, organic composts and inorganic materials used to improve drainage.