While Arborists encounter insect and fungus issues just like practitioners in other sectors of the Green Industry, their challenges are unique. . After all, the work is being done with the added, but necessary, respect for gravity! Fisher & Son Company knows this world well and offers the arborist the expertise and the most complete pest management product line in the industry.Our maintenance is in a world of its own.

Doggett – Arborist Fertilizers. The First and the Best.

The Doggett Corporation has manufactured horticultural products since 1930. They pioneered the use of water soluble fertilizers and foliar feeding and have manufactured the leading consumer brands of water soluble fertilizers for other suppliers since that time. The XL Line of soil injected slow release fertilizer sets the bar for quality and performance in the arbor industry.

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ReGenerate – Advanced Plant & Soil Solutions Exclusively from Fisher & Son

ReGenerate Fertilizers were developed specifically for the turf and horticulture markets, utilizing innovative formulating and ingredients which offer the greatest plant availability. We employ cutting edge amino acid technology for chelation and complexing to ensure efficient nutrient management. Finally, we build products with an eye on today’s budgets, providing a real value for the professional. ReGenerate Fertilizers – offering real solutions to today’s turf and horticultural challenges.

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ArborJet – World Leader in Tree Injection Technology

ArborJet has quickly established itself as the leading trunk injection technology for arborists. TREE-age insecticide is the product of choice for combating many pervasive insects, including Emerald Ash Borer. TREE-age is the only EAB protectant to offer 2+ years of protection per application.

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Mauget – The Right Way to Treat a Tree

The J.J. Mauget Co. provides products that restore, maintain and enhance tree health, while preserving the integrity of the environment. Mauget’s new Mycoject Ultra is a micro-injected antibiotic with improved solubility using Oxytetracycline Hydrochoride. A systemic aid that suppresses Mycoplasmas, Yellows diseases, as well as xylem-limiting bacteria such as Xylella fastidiosa (Bacterial Leaf Scorch), and certain bacterial blights.

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Solutions to keep your customers trees in optimal health.

The term "quality fertilizer" can mean different things to different people. The components of the fertilizer, the slow release nitrogen technology, the particle sizing, formulation, buffering agents and the cleanliness of the final product are all critical in determining the value of any fertilizer. Fisher & Son Company stocks the best brands in the marketplace. The quality is always the first priority.

FSC represents a complete line of fungicides from every major chemical manufacturer supporting the Green Industry.

The use of growth regulators for turf, trees and herbaceous plants has grown dramatically, and the value they provide goes well beyond their chemical pruning capabilities.

From the latest biologicals to the reliable standards, Fisher & Son has the insecticide to solve your most difficult pest problem.

FSC is a direct distributor for all the top manufacturers in the Green Industry.

Soil Management product options have improved dramatically over recent years. The advent of soil treatment chemistries to manage localized dry spot, black layer and soil drainage issues have been extremely beneficial to golf turf managers. FSC represent the leading manufacturers of wetting agents and soil treatments as well as a wide array of topdressings, single source nutrients, organic composts and inorganic materials used to improve drainage.

Site conditions can limit the ability to apply fertilizers and control products to trees in conventional ways. Proximity to people, buildings and swimming pools can impact treatment of your clients trees.

In fact, trunk injection of nutrients, insecticides and fungicides is sometimes the only way to get these materials applied. When this is the case, we have the markets best solutions to meet your needs.